A grade 6 elementary pupil* from a duly recognized school by the Department of Education who meets the following criteria is eligible to apply for the PSHS National Competitive Examination NCE.

 He / She must:

 ·     have a final grade of 85% or better in Science and Mathematics, evidenced by the student's report card.  If the student's grades in Science or Math are below 85%, then, he/she must provide evidence that he/she belongs to the upper 10% of the class;

 ·      be a Filipino citizen with no pending application as immigrant to any foreign country;

 ·      be born on or after July 1, 2001;

 ·     be in good health and fit to undergo a rigorous academic program;

 ·     have at least a satisfactory rating (or its equivalent) in his/her Character Rating in his/her report card (SY 2014 - 2015); and

 ·      not have taken the PSHS NCE previously.

 *  In his/her 6th year of basic elementary education (excluding kindergarten and preparatory school)



 ·         Fully accomplished Application Form in two (2) copies

 ·         Two (2) identical recent 1x1 ID pictures

 ·         Non-refundable test fee (Php 100 for private schools, free for public schools)

 ·         Copy of report card (SY 2014 - 2015)

 ·         If the final grades in Science or Math are below 85%, certification or proof that the child belongs to the upper 10% of the class



Only one test will be administered, a scholastic aptitude test (known as National Competitive Examination) which is designed to measure Scientific Ability, Quantitative Ability, Abstract Reasoning, and Verbal Aptitude.  The NCE will be administered on October 3, 2015.



The PSHS NCE Application Form and the accompanying material are not for sale, may be photocopied, and may be downloaded through this link.  No reservation fee is required.

Application forms are also available and may be filed at any of the following: PSHS campuses, DOST Regional offices, or Provincial Science and Technology Offices.  Application forms with incomplete information will not be processed.  Erasures, alterations and insertions must be initialed by the applicant.

The Examination Permit(s) will be issued to the applicants upon completion of all documents by the campus where the application was processed.  For applications filed with DOST agencies, the exam permits will be mailed to the applicant, or to the School Principal for distribution to its applicant(s).

In case the exam permits are not received two (2) weeks before the examination day, the applicants should check with the nearest PSHS campus, DOST Regional Office, DOST Provincial Science and Technology Office, or the PSHS System Admissions Office.



 ·         Free tuition fee

 ·         Free loan of textbooks

 ·         Monthly stipend

 ·         Uniform, transportation and living allowances for low income groups


**  Acceptance and processing of application will start on July 6, 2015.

**  The deadline for filing of application is on August 24, 2015.

**  The date of the examination is on October 3, 2015.


Downloadable copy of Application Form, NCE Application Process and Requirements and Sample Test Questions

Out of 197 research project entries from all over the world, all four teams from the Philippine Science High School-Ilocos Region Campus brought home awards from the Malaysian International Young Inventors Olympiad (MIYIO) 2015 held from April 3 to 5 at Tun Syed ShehShahabudin Science Secondary School, Penang, Malaysia.

Nelle Alison P. Gacutan and Armina Nicole C. Balanon took home a gold award for their project entitled “Adsorption of Lead Using Zinc Oxide Microflowers.”

Meanwhile, Vibiene Norma C. Bernal and Erika Kate J. Chan each went home with a silver award for their research projects entitled “Characterization of Soro-Soro (Euphorbia neriifolialinn.)Latex for Natural Rubber Production,”and “Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Rice Straw for Bioethanol Production Using Extracts from Overripe Tomato Fruit (Solanumlycopersicum),”respectively.

The team of Camille Anne V. Aguinaldo and Anthony John D. Mangussad also received another silver award for their project entitled “Feasibility of Sweet Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor l. Moench) Bagasse and Cadena De Amor (Antigononleptopushook and arn) as Raw Materials in Cardboard Production.”

“All four groups were able to bag awards and it really feels amazing not only because we won but also, more importantly, because we feel that all our hard work and efforts in conducting our researches paid off,” said Gacutan.

“Winning it is also important in that it proves a point that the Philippines nurtures great inventors and has a bright future ahead as far as research and science and technology are concerned,” Balanon added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ronnalee N. Orteza, Campus Director of PSHS-IRC, said that the event was a showcase of how IRC scholars can compete and even be at par with student researchers outside the country.

“To be able to nurture brilliant young minds of today and prepare them to be this country’s next legion of researchers and scientists may be a daunting task, but it’s worth it when you see them prove themselves and even perform well in the international arena,” said Dr. Orteza.        

All teams were accompanied by their adviser, Mr. Eddie Jay Domingo, and Ms. Monaliza Mandac.

According to its website, MIYIO is an international competition of schools organized by Tun Syed ShehShahbudin Science Secondary School, the Malaysian Ministry of Education, University Sains Malaysia, and RCE Penang. It aims to expand the application of science and engineering knowledge for problem solving and use in daily life, as well as create awareness and a growing interest among students and teachers about the benefits and wonders of science. - Romulo A. Bagacina Jr.