It is important that you accomplish this online form as they are all required during enrolment.

1. Student Information Sheet
2. Consent for Personal Information
3. Internet Connectivity & Learning Materials Survey
4. Scholarship Categorization Form
5. Parent Questionnaire Form
6. Intake Interview Form
7. Cumulative Records Form
8. Student Well-Being Amidst COVID-19
9. Health History and Personal Data Sheet
10. Student Services Concerns

11. Client Satisfaction Survey (To be accomplished after enrollment (on or before July 23))


● Original Form 137 or SF10-ES/JHS
● Original PSA Birth Certificate
Confirmation Slip [R0]
Student Information Sheet [R1]
Legal Guardianship Papers (if applicable) [R4]
Scholar’s Oath [R5]
Student Email & Social Media Instant Messenger Permission Form [R20]
● Scanned copy of ATM or Landbank (LPB) Account Number for monthly stipend - An endorsement letter to Landbank will be forwarded by the school to Vigan Branch.  This is applicable to scholars from Ilocos Sur who will open an account in the LBP Vigan branch.  For those who will open accounts in other branches, there is no need for an endorsement. Simply open a personal savings account.

● Authority to Deduct [R25] - If no LBP account yet
Parent’s Questionnaire [G1]

Scholarship Agreement Form (4 copies- notarized) [R6]
(NOTE: Print the form back to back and make sure to sign all pages including the list of courses.  You may send or enclose P100 for the notarization fee.)

Non-submission of the following requirements shall entitle the scholar to a monthly stipend only.

Scholarship Categorization Forms (notarized) [R7]
Statements of Assets & Liabilities of the Family (notarized) [R8]
● Income Tax Returns (ITR from the BIR) of parents for the past 2 years
● Tax Declaration of all real properties by Municipal/City Assessor
● Electric bills for the last 3 months (under parent’s name)
● Certificate of registration of vehicles (if applicable)
● Unemployment/Retirement Papers (if applicable)

If you can’t provide the above documents, submit a NOTARIZED certification of the following that applies:
● Certification of No registered electric bill under parent’s name and declaring the attached electric bills as consumed for the last 3 months
● Certification from non-filing of ITR in the last 2 years
● Certification of No Landholding or Real property (as of June 2021 or latest)
● Certification of No vehicle registered under parent/s’ name
● Certification of unemployment or No job
● Certification of No business whether DTI registered or NOT
Scholarship Categorization Waiver Form (if opt not to submit any of the above categorization forms) [R19]

1. Incompletely filled forms will not be accepted.
2. Put N/A for items that are not applicable.
3. Kindly paste all the necessary 1x1 pictures in all the forms.
4. When submitting, arrange them according to the sequence in the checklist.
5. Incomplete submission of any requirement for the scholarship categorization (listed under Registration of the Checklist) shall be automatically considered noncompliance and will be reflected during evaluation.
6. If opt not to submit the required documents, you may accomplish the waiver form [R19] for submission.


Submit forms to the following address:

Campus Registrar
Philippine Science High School
Ilocos Region Campus
Poblacion East, San Ildefonso
2728 Ilocos Sur


Director III / Campus Director

SST V / SSD Chief

SST II / Guidance Personnel

Interview schedule and link will be sent to your email address [*].



Q1. Are we required as parents to check every now and then the email account of our child?
A. Yes, because all communications from PSHS-IRC will be sent directly to the registered official Gmail account of your child to avoid any problems regarding issues of data privacy.

Q2. What if we are unable to finish all online forms?
A. Any forms incompletely filled out or unsubmitted on or before the deadline will make your child considered UNOFFICIALLY ENROLLED.

Q3. What if there is/are information/s that need/s to be updated in the sheets we provided?
A. Just update the editable forms as soon as possible and inform us by accomplishing the Student Services Concerns form [F10] every time you need to update.

Q4. What is the implication if we’re unable to submit all enrollment forms before the deadline of enrollment?
A. Being unable to submit all enrollment forms would imply that your child will be UNOFFICIALLY ENROLLED. Inform the Registrar by accomplishing the Student Services Concerns online form [F10] for any reasons of noncompliance. Special cases will be given for some DepEd pupils where the date of graduation is later than July 23. Deadline of submission will be extended a week after the date of graduation.

Q5. What if the final grade and ranking of my child is not yet available?
A. The Google forms are editable. You must supply the needed information as soon as you have the data. Provide the data as soon as you get the report card after graduation.

Q6. How do I secure the Form 137 or SF-10 ES/JHS?
A. Present the form [R22] (Letter Request to the Principal) to the elementary/secondary school where your child graduated. The issued SF-10 ES/JHS Form could be hand-carried then sent to the campus along with other needed enrollment documents. There are some schools that opt to send it directly to the campus, which is also allowed provided that you should submit a certification to the campus stating that the elementary/secondary school will directly send the SF-10 ES/JHS to PSHS-IRC.

Q7. What if we have an original birth certificate but it’s NOT PSA?
A. Kindly secure a PSA-Birth Certificate as it is mandatory.

Q8. What is Legal Guardianship Paper [R4] for?
A. Legal Guardianship Paper is for those whose parents are residing abroad or not staying with the child. The paper authorizes the Legal Guardian of all the statements mentioned in the [R4] document such as signing of pertinent documents in the absence of the parents.

Q9. Who should we put as guardian of my child while studying at PSHS-IRC?
A. The guardian that is required to be indicated in the form is the LEGAL GUARDIAN of the scholar in the absence of the parents. During face-to-face sessions, the Guidance Services Unit assigns teacher-guardians.

Q10. My child has no Landbank account yet due to constraints and restrictions brought about by the pandemic in our municipality, what should we do?
A. A Landbank (LBP) account of the scholar is a mandatory requirement for stipend purposes. If there is really no means yet to apply for an account, the school is giving an option for sending the stipend through Palawan Express, but you are required to download and accomplish the Authority to Deduct [R25] form and submit along with other enrollment documents.

Q11. If my child opens an account with LBP-VIGAN CITY Branch, what are the requirements?
A. The school will send an endorsement letter to LBP-Vigan City Branch where all names of scholars from Ilocos Sur are listed for payroll. Just go there and tell the bank that your child is a student of PSHS-IRC. They will require you to meet the basic requirements in opening a savings account.

Q12. If my child opens an account with other LBP branches other than the LBP-VIGAN CITY branch, what are the requirements?
A. Simply go there and open a personal savings account for your child. They will require you to meet the basic requirements. There is no need for any endorsement letter from the school.

Q13. How can the Scholarship Agreement Form [R6] be notarized without the signature of the Campus Director?
A. There are submitted notarized documents without the signature of the Campus Director. If you are really unable to submit a notarized one, you may enclose P100 along with the enrollment forms for the notarization fee and the school will be the one to process the notarization after completion of all required signatures.

Q14. In the Scholarship Agreement Form, I was able to submit the old one (version earlier than 2018) . Should I submit the revised (version 2018) notarized document?
A. Yes, you should submit the revised one where the list of courses is there and there are additional courses allowed for college included.

Q15. In the Scholarship Agreement Form, I was able to submit the form which was not back to back. Should I submit another one?
A. There is no need to submit another one.

Q16. In the Scholarship Agreement Form Checklist, we submitted a notarized one but we missed to sign other pages such as Annex A where the list of courses are listed. Should I submit another notarized document?
A. There is no need to submit another set of notarized documents. Only the pages without your signatures must be submitted. No need for notarization.

Q17. There are couriers that do not allow enclosure of money along with any document for shipment, what should we do?
A. Follow the protocol of the courier agency OR coordinate with the Student Services Division of PSHS-IRC regarding this matter.

Q18. What does “OPTIONAL forms for Scholarship Categorization” imply?
A. This means that you may or may NOT submit the forms if unable to provide due to some reasons. If you’re unable to provide some of those forms, only the forms submitted will be considered in the assessment of scholarship categorization.

Q19. In B.2 “OPTIONAL forms for Scholarship Categorization,” can I submit only one notarized document stating more than one of the certifications mentioned?
A. Yes, that would be better.

Q20. What is the Scholarship Categorization Waiver Form for? What does it imply?
A. It is an optional document to submit if you opt not to disclose any of your properties, SALN, and other financial-related matters. Submission of the documents would imply that your child will automatically be categorized as P3 where he/she is only entitled to receiving only the minimum monthly stipend of P500.

Q21. If I do not have a form for Statements of Assets and Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) [R7] of the family, what should I submit?
A. Government employees should submit an original copy of what they have submitted in their agencies. For non-government employees or unemployed parents, you are still required to accomplish form R7 provided and submit the notarized document.

Q22. What should I submit if I am not working or I do not have an Income Tax Return (ITR)?
A. As stated in B.2, for no ITR, secure a Certification of Non-Filing or Exemption from the BIR for the last two (2) years. For parents who are unemployed, secure a notarized Certification of Unemployment or No Job or Certification of No Business whether DTI registered or NOT.

Q23. What should I submit if I don’t have real properties to declare?
A. As stated in B.2, secure a Certification of No Landholding or Real Property from the Municipal/City Assessor’s Office.

Q24. The electrical bills are not under our name (as the scholar’s parents), what should we submit?
A. Secure a notarized Certification of No Registered Electric Bill under your name and submit consumed electric bills (last 3 months) of residence with the same address as declared in the student information sheet.

Q25. We do not own a vehicle, what should we submit?
A. Secure a notarized Certification of No Vehicle Registered under your name.

Q26. Is any certification from the Barangay allowed to submit such as unemployment or any documents mentioned in B.1 & B.2 (Forms for Scholarship Categorization)?
A. No, we do NOT accept certification from the barangay. Submit notarized document/s. If you insist on submitting one, we will only receive it but will not take it into consideration during the evaluation of your child’s scholarship categorization.

Q27. What if we are not available on the schedule of the interview?
A. Inform the SSD Chief at least 2 days for rescheduling.

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